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Agile Open Holland 2016 - September 16th

 Lunterse Boer in Lunteren
 Welcome with coffee and tea
 Getting to know each other
 Pecka kucha's and lightning talks
 Lining up for the Open Space proposols
 Yes, the board is full
 Take a picture
 Session in progress
  Session in progress
  Session in progress
  Session in progress
 Listening carefully
 Drinks and snacks
 Drinks and snacks
Gadget: foldable headphones

Agile Open Holland 2015 - September 18th

Our location for the 10th Agile Open Holland was the Lunterse Boer in Lunteren.
The line up for the Open Space proposals. Again we managed to fill up the wall.
Explanation of the Open Space concept like the Law of two feet, whoever comes is the right people, etc. see Open Space Wiki
 The Open space sessions are filling up nicely
 More proposals
 In the basement for one of the sessions
Dinner and the desserts were very good :-)

Agile Open Holland 2014 - September 19th

On Friday 19th of September the open space conference Agile Open Holland 2014 was held at 'T Lichtpunt in Huis ter Heide (Zeist). We put together a photoblog to give you an idea of what a open space conference looks like. And of course to bring back memories for the participants!

We started at 8.30 am with registration, coffee and tea.

The empty Open Space board waiting for contributors.

The attendees are getting ready for the opening of the conference.

The open space principles are explained by 6 volunteers.

Lining up, to propose a session.

Open space board filled up nicely with interesting sessions.

And then: sessions....
and sessions! (don't worry, there was lunch somewhere in between)

And then of course the retrospective.

Retrospective done in teams.

More retrospective.
Presentation of retrospectives.

A thank you gift for all the participants!

And then time for drinks and dinner.

Thank you participants of the Agile Open Holland 2014, you made it happen. See you next year!

Agile Open Holland 2013 - September 13th

On Friday 13th of September the open space conference Agile Open Holland 2013 was held at De Lunterense Boer in Lunteren.

Sandra & Lilian starting the Open Space
As a warm-up we played the game "Rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock"
Lining up to propose a session
The open space session board

 The weather was great, so we had a couple of sessions outside

Lots to talk about

Would you like to see how much fun Agile Open Holland 2011 was? Take a look at
the pictures of Agile Open Holland 2011.

We hope to see you at this years Agile Open Holland on Friday the 18th of September 2015!